Price Vs Quality

quality vs price



Price vs Quality – This is actually quite a interesting photo and to some extent i do agree with it. I had my own bad experience as well. Here’s one of my bad experience. Last year, i brought my mum to Thailand for holiday and i have to put my dog at a pet hotel. Since most pet hotel can cost about $50 to $100 a night and i manage to find one at Pasir ris but they require me to produce his vaccination papers which i’ve lost it so i can’t bring him there. End up my mum found one near my house and cost only $19 a night. I was thinking, wow CHEAP DEAL!!! I went ahe ad. When our holidays over, I brought my dog home, few days later i notice tiny bumps and i realize it’s TICKS. My dog had never had ticks at all since i bought him. I tried to kill the ticks but i guess my discovery was too late. Now my whole house is infested with ticks, and its really BOTHERSOME! I need to call in pest buster to clean up the whole house which may cost me few thousand dollars.

This maybe and may not be true in the wedding photography industry. Since there is many kind of work by different photographers and many kind of style. Of cause we’ve heard of many bad weddings and some big shot screwed up the whole wedding and these are a couple’s worst nightmare. It’s always good to look at a photographers range of work. Do you like his kind of work? The style? It is good to short list a few photographer and meet them up to have a good chat than see which photographer you are most comfortable with and understand your needs. Through experience I know some couple have budget and some look for specific style and some look at equipment.

For actual day, looking at the photographer portfolio will give you a general idea of what he or she can do for you but for pre wed it’s really down to the theme of the shoot, composition, processing skills and layout skills. For me personally, i would love to understand and learn more about the couple first before taking on the assignment. This let me break the ice with the couple and understand their character. All this will aid me in shooting your wedding. I never believe in hard selling depthofeel photography services. At times, I even advise my own clients to look at other photographer work before deciding. I believe and respect that it’s your big day and you should choose a photographer that suit your ideal kind of wedding photography and not by hard selling. It’s only once in your lifetime.

Have a great day ahead! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or you can leave a comment if u wish to.